Attention High-Achieving Student Athletes...

How To Build Gameday Confidence Without The Anger, Frustration, Mental Breakdowns

Don't Think Yourself Out of Succeeding


"Michael Cooper has changed my son's life! He as gone from a player/person who was unsure of most everything he did, to one that is confident, decisive and certain that he can achieve any goal he sets."

Dear Devoted Parent,

You are very fortunate.

Your child has been gifted with the physical attributes to compete at a very high level. They love the competition and are always striving to get better.

That grit and determination can serve them well throughout their life. 

Of course the competition has never been more heated and intense pushing you to turn over every stone in search of that camp, clinic or trainer that can give them an edge.

Here’s the problem.

Your athlete can be the most talented and have all the right physical features but if they do not have the correct mindset they will not be successful…in their sport…


one small setback can set off a chain of negative consequences 

They want to be the best. You want the best for them.

You want them to be determined, confident and mentally well-adjusted in order to take on whatever the world throws at them.

Your student athlete is good at their chosen sport. With all of the success they’ve experienced, one thing we know is…

There will be setbacks and disappointment. 

Your child won’t always be at the very top of their game (none of us are). A couple of bad games or matches in a row can suddenly cripple their confidence.
Your heart sinks. You want to fix it. So you reassure them that “it’s only a game” and “it will be better next time.” The truth is, they are used to winning and are completely, mentally, unprepared to deal with these unexpected consequences.

They are crushed.

And you’re really not sure how to get them 
to feel good about themselves again.


The stress, anxiety and lack of confidence seeps well beyond the field.

You may have already noticed (or have even dealt with) some signs that there is a growing, underlying problem…

…mood swings

…angry, unexpected outbursts

…grades quickly falling

…arguing and fighting with siblings and other family members

…your “baby” is no longer the “happy go lucky” kid they used to be
You want to uncover the root of the problem and find a solution but you are surprisingly stonewalled by the very person you love so much and want so desperately to help. 

Make no mistake about it. 


  • A recent survey by American Psychological Association found that 30 percent of teens reported feeling sad or depressed because of stress and 31 percent felt overwhelmed. Another 36 percent said that stress makes them tired and 23 percent said they’ve skipped meals because of it.
  • On average, teens reported their stress level was 5.8 on 10-point scale, compared with 5.1 for adults.
  • Suicide is the SECOND leading cause of death for college-age youth and ages 12-18.
  • This is alarming! 

Don't think "going pro" means immunity 

The hard truth is that only 6.5% of high school football players end up playing in college. Only 1.6% of college players get drafted by the NFL. The other major sports have similar stats.

This isn’t meant to be a dream killer. It’s meant to be a wake-up call. 

Your young athlete may be the cream of the crop and actually make it to the pros.

Did you know that 78 percent of NFL players are bankrupt or facing serious financial stress within two years of ending their playing careers?

It’s clear that with the negative consequences of financial, relationship and legal problems along with major health issues and even suicide…there is something essential missing amongst elite athletes.


Even if things today seem okay…don’t fall into the trap of being an ostrich parent …sticking your head in the sand and pretending that it can’t happen to you.

It can.

You know that it’s never too soon to give your child the best life skills and mental training available. Sadly, it can be TOO LATE.

there is a powerful & permanent solution!

The pressure that comes from wanting to constantly do well and “be the best” doesn’t have to cause paralyzing stress and gut-wrenching anxiety.

As a matter of fact that pressure can become their biggest ally and most sought after friend. 

It will actually BOOST their performance in everything they do!

The problem is you and your loved one are missing the “secret formula.”

I am going to share it with you. A formula SO POWERFUL it literally transforms lives.

Your high-achiever will learn to:
  • Squash those negative voices in their head
  • Break out of any mental bond holding them hostage
  • Find their concrete purpose and stop drifting
  • Develop laser focus and unwavering confidence
  • Sustained happiness and fulfillment
  • Change how they think permanently 
Until now I have reserved this little known knowledge for my high-paying clients. 

Today, I am presenting it to you.

who am i and why should you listen to what i have to say?

My name is Michael Cooper. 

I don’t expect you to trust me. You probably don’t know me. 

All I ask is that you give me 1%...a cracked door if you will. I plan to earn the other 99% from you. Fair enough?

I want to be clear. I am not some know-it-all guru or some puffy celebrity trying to leverage some notoriety. 

I am however, one of the world’s leading authorities on helping peak performers become even better…not just in their sport but by mastering the entire game we call life. 

I have personally guided and mentored some of the world’s finest junior, amateur and professional athletes, along with prominent corporate leaders.

Of course this wasn’t always the case. 

When I was only 4 years old I started BMX bike racing. I also started playing both baseball and football. I was immersed in all three sports for the first decade of my life.
I traveled all over the country and learned quickly about winning and losing as well as the pressure to perform on big stages. 

When I was about to turn 10 I made the decision to stop racing and focus my attention on baseball and football. I was doing extremely well. I thought I was on top of the world.
At 11 that world suddenly crumbled to dust when my parents got unexpectedly divorced. I was upset and extremely angry.

Everything changed for me practically overnight. I felt alone…completely by myself. I didn’t have the formula I’m about to reveal to you.

I spent a number of years drifting through life…drifting without a purpose. I was even homeless for a time wandering the streets with only a ragged backpack.

My older brother was an F-15 fighter pilot. I wanted to be a Seal. I figured I had nothing to lose so I joined the Navy. It was here I received my first powerful lessons in handling pressure and dealing with adversity. I began to learn how to manage my emotions.

Even after moderate success in a computer business and publishing my own magazine, I was still searching for my place in the world.

a "chance" book guides me to the formula

One year around the holidays, my Mother asked me what I wanted. I replied “I want you to get me some books.” After looking at me like I lost my mind, she proceeded to buy me 5 books. Four were text books…history, science etc.

But the fifth book was “The Commonsense MBA: The Seven Practices of Enduring Businesses for the Entrepreneur.” The foreword was by the late Stephen Covey.

That book put me on the path to changing my life. I now had an insatiable love for books and learning.

The first book I purchased for myself practically jumped off the shelf at me. “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill set me on the powerful course to mental toughness and self-determination I’m on today.

In short I continued my training becoming a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Leader. I also studied with Bob Proctor who was the protégé to Earl Nightingale…one of Hill’s students. Under Bob’s tutelage, I became a Life Success Consultant.

Not everyone is going to spend 30 years to learn these essential performance and life skills.

That’s why I’ve taken my more than 30 years of study and hands on work with literally thousands of student athletes and adult leaders and poured the very best of what I’ve learned into the most potent, practical, real world solution for high-achievers…anywhere.

The Missing Playbook Monthly Mentorship Program
Are you ready to give your pride and joy access to the most robust, effective and immediately useful LIFE COURSE available?

"Michael is a Leader in the field of Human Performance"
"He delivers results because he addresses the total person. I've experienced his effectiveness in both a professional and personal level"


NFL Alumnus
Two-Time Super Bowl Champion

"Michael is a committed, compassionate and knowledgeable mentor"
"What the “Missing Playbook” provides is the Mental, Physical and Emotional agenda needed to direct our future superstars to the level of performance they desire."


Team Chiropractor
Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins 

"Michael is a flat out prime time game changer"
"I have been around the best and have heard the best over my career and Michael Cooper is THE CREAM OF THE CROP!"


Tennis Coach
7X USPTA National Coach of The Year 

The Missing Playbook Monthly mentorship will guide your future goal achiever to: 


Dissolve that gnawing anxiety that causes unrest and the underlying dark dissatisfaction


Help them rapidly get a handle on all of the aspects and activities in their life to keep overwhelm at bay


Build an iron-clad and unwavering confidence to guide them in every performance in their life


Develop a laser-like goal-oriented focus in every situation from being in the batter’s box to taking a high-level exam


Create the Mental, Physical and Emotional skills needed to direct your future superstar to their highest level of performance…now and in the future


Understand their thoughts and feelings and how to leverage them so that they can squeeze the very best out of life. And so much more than I can share here!

Here Is One Of The 20 Two-Minute Mind Tune-ups You'll Be Getting From Michael:

"I trust Michael with everything he talks about"
"He helps you get over the fear of failure that creeps into your mind to do the things that you must do to succeed in the game of life. We can all use that."


MLB Alumnus
World Series Champion

"Michael Cooper is a coach of the mind"
"Being a football coach at one of the most elite programs in the country, I practice Michael's philosophies and see first hand how they change the lives of the players and those around me."


Outside Linebackers Coach
St. Thomas Aquinas High School

"never been more impressed with a man in his field"
"His approach and knowledge are so sincere that it's impossible to not be effected by him."


NFL Coach
 Two-Time Super Bowl Champion

what THE MISSING PLAYBOOK is all about:

The Missing Playbook Mentorship Program is a private online portal to the most effective hands on methodology to guide your youngster to mastering the game of life. 


The vision that you mentally entertain must always be clear, larger and more magnificent than the conditions or circumstances in which you presently find yourself in your material world. It is the vision in your mind, harmonizing with your purpose, that creates the inspiration that causes you to stretch yourself beyond the barriers that hold most people back. The vision you hold also determines the frequency of your cognitive thoughts. The larger and clearer your vision, the bigger, better and more effective the creative and fulfilling ideas will be that flow into your consciousness.


The strategy is an extremely important process in creating detailed plans to achieve success. It is the right strategy that brings the vision to life. Most do not know how or when to Plan, Do, Check, Adjust a high-level plan to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. This concept of uncertainty will most certainly apply to both personal and professional life. For that reason, it’s important to understand the keys to successful strategic thinking and workflow management. If you’re going to get things done, you’ve got to know how to maximize this process.


Our minds become magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds and these magnets attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts. A positive mental attitude is a must for all who wish to make life pay off on their own terms. Nothing great was ever achieved without a positive mental attitude. To achieve a PMA, keep your mind on the things you want, in all areas of your life, and do not allow your mind to work against you and your goals by developing a habit of thinking about what you don’t want.


Develop a collection of new skills and abilities that can be applied to your personal and professional life goals. In goal achievement, your skills are your tools. Without the right skills, you will only frustrate yourself, waste your time, and spend a lot of time dealing with rudimentary issues caused by the lack of knowledge or lack of skills, as opposed to progressing in your goal.


No matter what energy you put out into the world, you get the same energy back. That’s how energy works. It’s vibrational. Harmonious with one another. Think about it this way. Like attracts like. And considering that all thought is energy in its purest form, whatever energy you push out, you’ll get back.
To date, I have: 
  • Worked with the Napoleon Hill Foundation Leaders, and become a Certified Leader for The Napoleon Hill Foundation.
  • Traveled the globe training some of the world’s finest amateur, junior, professional and corporate athletes and executives. From Super Bowl champs and tennis stars to boardroom billionaires
  • Developed mental and emotional strength in the face of adversity to understand and to teach those who aspire to lead.
  • Unlocked a new meaning to the phrase “living life to the fullest” as I spend my days making a real difference in the world, and in the lives of those who seek my expert guidance. 

Your child is going to learn the art and science of creating a crystal-clear vision and an unflappable purpose. They will know how to set the EXACT goals to get them there.

what is it worth to you?

What’s it worth to you to be able to give your young life traveler the very best tools available to them? To give them the edge they need in this hyper competitive world?

What’s it mean to you to know that they will have the essential high-performance life skills to guide them through adversity and lift them above the dark holes so many others fall into?

Your young athlete is going to learn the EXACT SAME transformational formula others have gladly paid me $25,000 and more for. 


It’s simple really. I have a non-stop burning desire to help others with this life altering information. It literally has taken me from homeless to a world leader in human performance.

Up until now, I could only take on a handful of clients at one time. That hurt my heart and was completely unacceptable to me. Especially when there are so many young people who NEED THIS. 

Your child is the future and hope for this world. 

I’ve decided to make The Missing Playbook available as an exclusive, private online study course. 

This is a course like no other and is available nowhere else. 

It’s the ultimate life skills and mental strength training I wish I’d had 35 years ago.

The Missing Playbook Program consists of six life altering modules 


Module One- Clear The Way. Discover a process designed to reveal your true self because the more you know thyself, the wiser you will be in your decisions moving forward. In module one, you’ll start to apply yourself in harnessing the process of envisioning, creating and guiding your personal Purpose, Vision, and Goals. 

Balance Wheel
Lesson 1 - Spiritual 
Lesson 2 - Relationships 
Lesson 3 - Health
Lesson 4 - Profession/School/Sport
Lesson 5 - Money

Lesson 6 - Years 1-10 
Lesson 7 - Years 11-20
Lesson 8 - Years 21-30
Lesson 9 - Years 31-40 

Purpose, Vision, Goals
Lesson 10 - Five Decisions to Goal Achieve 
Lesson 11 - Step #1 - Establish YOUR Purpose
Lesson 12 - Step #2 - Build YOUR Vision
Lesson 13 - Step #3 - Set YOUR Goals 
Lesson 14 - Power of Goal Card


Module Two - Journey Into The Mind – Challenge your current and past conditioning and push yourself from your safety net and comfort zones. Once you go through module two’s scientific analysis of the mind, you’ll never look at the human mind the same way again.

Lesson 15 - What Matters Most in the Game of Life
Lesson 16 - The Primary Cause of Your Results
Lesson 17 - Personal Responsibility vs. The Blame Game
Lesson 18 - How Pictures Influence Your Thinking
Lesson 19 - Part 1 of Personality - Conscious Mind – Thinking Mind
Lesson 20 - Part 2 of Personality - Sub-Conscious Mind – Emotional Mind
Lesson 21 - The Process of Creation - Part 3 of Personality - Physical Body
Lesson 22 - What Influences the Conscious Mind - Physical Antennas 
Lesson 23 - Awareness of the Intellectual Mind
Intellectual Faculty Perception
Intellectual Faculty Will
Intellectual Faculty Intuition
Intellectual Faculty Memory
Intellectual Faculty Imagination
Intellectual Faculty Reason
Lesson 24 - 1% Reality (Physical Consciousness/Pleasure) vs. 99% Reality (Soul Consciousness/Fulfillment) 
Lesson 25 - Law of Vibration 
Lesson 26 - Law of Attraction 


Module Three - Emotional Intelligence. Explore your ability to maintain control despite the burden of tremendous pressures and expectations. In module three, things get personal – from family to friends to past experiences.

Lesson 27 - EQ is the Foundation 
Handling Pressure For Performance 
Maintaining Level of Motivation 
Relations With Coaches and Managers
Enjoy Training, Practices, Game Day
Travel and Family
Vision and Career
Relations With Team Players
Lesson 28 - Personal Competence – Self-Awareness, Self-Management
Lesson 29 - Social Competence - Social Awareness, Relationship Management


Module Four - Know Your Opponent. Learn about your number one opponent and how to gain the high ground. Module four, without question, is one of the most critical steps to conquer the gridiron of life.

Lesson 30 - Your # 1 Opponent – The Real Enemy Revealed
Lesson 31 - People FOR you vs. People WITH You
Lesson 32 - The Proactive Formula
Lesson 33 - Response-Ability


Module Five - The Way of The Champion– Realize how a true champion acts, behaves and carries him or herself. In module five, you’ll start to notice what all winners have in common.;

Lesson 34 - Discipline #1 - Rectitude 
Lesson 35 - Discipline #2 - Courage
Lesson 36 - Discipline #3 - Benevolence
Lesson 37 - Discipline #4 - Respect
Lesson 38 - Discipline #5 - Honor
Lesson 39 - Discipline #6 - Honesty
Lesson 40 - Discipline #7 - Loyalty


Module Six - Initiative and Leadership. Obtain a better understanding of initiative and leadership. In module six, you’ll learn the specific disciplines that all leaders must know.

Lesson 41 - Personal Initiative
Lesson 42 - Leadership

Anyone Who Enrolls Into The Monthly Mentorship Program Today Is Going To Get Monthly Coaching From Michael Cooper, Which Includes: 

  • MP1: Program - Missing Playbook™ for Parents / Coaches / Athletes: Video Lessons On-Demand: Balance, Unpacking The Mind, Gaining Clarity & Purpose, Creating Visions & Goals & More! ($9,997 Value)
  • Monthly Group Zoom Call: Live MP Symposiums Which Includes 2+ Hours Of Closed Door Coaching With Michael Cooper Himself. One Master Mind Group Coaching Call Per Month w/Michael Cooper so that you can Become An Extraordinary Mentor that others want to follow, and live your best life in every area personally and professionally. All calls recorded and available within 24 hours for on-demand replay. ($9,997 Value - PER MONTH!)
  • 3 Steps to Stop Drifting and Start Winning: So you can Start Moving On A Definite Plan Toward A Definite Goal Video Series . ($2,997 Value)
  • ​20 Mind Tune-Ups: To Help You Start Thinking, Acting & Feeling Like The Innovative Leader & Champion That You Know You Are ($997 Market Value)
  • ​BONUS #1: MP1 Program - Missing Playbook™ for Entrepreneurs / Execs: Video Lessons On-Demand: Balance, Unpacking The Mind, Gaining Clarity & Purpose, Creating Visions & Goals & More! ($9,997 Market Value)
  • ​BONUS #2: Your Right To Be Rich Success Philosophy : 17 Audio Lessons of Personal Achievement provides mental exercises, self-analysis techniques, powerful encouragement, and straightforward advice to anyone seeking personal and professional improvement. ($1,997 Market Value)
  • BONUS #3: ​The Wisdom of Truth - Words of Wisdom. These words focus on practical lessons that are conducive to our spiritual and emotional growth. Your are supplied with a true perspective on topics that are relevant for daily living: self-image, emotions, interpersonal relationships, attitudes conducive to happiness and joy, character traits, and the many beliefs of living a prosperous lifestyle. ($997 Market Value)
  • & MORE!

For A Recurring Monthly Cost Of Just $97/Month!

*Cancel Anytime, No Questions Asked*
The Missing Playbook Is All Of My Biggest Life Lessons

Wrapped Into One Inspiring, Empowering, Results-Driven Monthly Mentorship Program!

 It’s what you NEED if you: 
  • Feel stuck, lost and at a complete standstill when it comes to your, or your athletes, success in the 'Game of Life.'
  • Are unsure of how to progress to the next level on a personal and professional level.
  • Seek more clarity on your vision, mission and purpose in life with actionable, on-going guidance.
  • Are ready to stop making excuses and start achieving everything you promised yourself that you would.

after mentoring thousands of student athletes and adult leaders, one thing that is certain is that in order to get the best results for your high-achiever, you must go through the process with them. 

So, if you’re serious about receiving on-going support on a month by month basis, please enroll now to avoid missing out. 
  • You CAN discover your higher power. 
  • You CAN form healthy and happy relationships. 
  • You CAN lead your team or athlete to greatness. 
  • You CAN build up momentum in your dreams. 
  • You WILL have ongoing breakthroughs and “aha” moments. 
But your window of opportunity is closing, and fast. 

The Missing Playbook has been used to mentor students from ESPN Wide World of Sports/Disney, the University of Florida, Purdue University, the Miami Marlins, Rick Macci Tennis Academy, the PGA Tour, the U.S. Army All American Bowl/FBU, ProPops Foundation, XPE Sports, the Institute of Human Performance, World Class Speed, Power Showcase and more. 

Now it’s you and your young prodigy’s turn…for a fraction of what everyone else has paid.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give your loved one this life changing experience.

Are you ready to give your superstar the edge few others will have?
They will master the formula enabling them to handle any setback and get back on track quickly… it will help guide them through any challenge they may face on or off the field.
I am confident this is the solution you’ve been looking for. I have hundreds of success stories that have proven The Missing Playbook Monthly Mentorship Program transforms lives.

You have nothing to lose and possibly the most amazing life for you and your family to gain.
Find Out What You're Really Missing Inside Michael Cooper’s “Missing Playbook” Monthly Mentorship Program!
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